David Goodwin presentation at UK Trade & Investment    25/07/2014
David Goodwin gives a presentation of how Goodwin Product Design work and how Flexyfoot was brought to market in the UK and internationally. Use the YouTube link above to see the full presentation.

Getting New Products to Market

As a product design company with over 25 years experience, we are able to demonstrate our ability to develop new products with long lasting market success. Illustrated here are just a few of our designs that have been selling well for between 5 and 20 years.

Research has shown that as few as 25 per cent of product development programs get to market and 30 per cent of those fail to sell in sufficient quantity to succeed.

Our record shows over 85 per of our design projects get into commercially successful mass production and many are still selling well 10 years later.

This success stems from attention to detail in the early, market analysis phase of projects and our thorough understanding of manufacturing techniques and costs. Thus we are able to create practical, desirable products that are economically viable.

Celebrating 150 years of the London Underground    09/01/2013

Having played a small part in its more recent development with our designs for the Cable Management System, used in updating the Northern Line, now one of TfL's approved products.

In their documentation, TfL say; �With over 11 million passengers every day, Transport for London runs one of the busiest and most complex transport systems in the world.

A well designed, confident and consistent visual identity is highly effective in communicating the strengths of our organisation. It is essential that Transport for London (TfL) maintains a high standard for co-ordinated design in every aspect of our operations.

The Goodwin CMS has curved steel profiles and clean lines which blend in with existing curved surfaces, ceilings and walls. It is a product where the long-term operational benefits are significant. Because the cables are held within separate conduits, laying new cables and scheduled maintenance can be carried out with minimum disruption. The luminaire unit is rated IP54 against the ingress of liquids and dust.

The Goodwin CMS is fabricated from sheet and angle steel. It is then powder-coated to be self-cleaning and resistant to wear and tear. The system is simple, robust and very flexible, allowing installation to take place with little impact on the station environment.

A lack of horizontal surfaces and gaps discourages the deposit of litter and concealment of suspect packages.�

Protecting The Intellectual Property of Your Product    25/11/2011

Over the years, we have created many innovative new products for our clients that are now fully patented. Just a few of our protected product designs are illustrated here.

Worldwide patenting is expensive, but by careful selection of countries and the use of Registered Design, Copyright, etc, protection can be secured at a sensible price.

As well as protecting your own invention, it is also very important when starting out on a new product development program, to check for any existing patents that may be infringed. During the course of our work, we have built up extensive contacts with companies and individuals specialising in Intellectual Property protection, who we can bring into a project for advice about both protection and infringement at critical stages, thus minimising the costs to our clients.

You can read about how we helped Simon Harrop of The Aroma Company realise and protect the commercial potential of a good idea and more detailed information about IP, in a Business Link guide to Patents, Registered Design, Copyright, Trade Marks, and Design Right on the Business Link website below.

New Walking Aid Design Launched    14/12/2010

As experienced product design consultants who regularly help small and medium sized companies get their ideas into production, we have now released our own fully patented healthcare product, the Flexyfoot walking aid ferrule into the marketplace.

After rigorous research, design, prototype development and testing, we raised the capital to fund the manufacture and marketing costs, enabling us to launch the new product at the Rehacare Trade Fair and Congress in Germany this year.

As a result of the very positive reception at this show, we have made some excellent contacts and there is a lot of interest from companies wanting to take up distribution rights worldwide.

Hopefully this is an indication that despite all the economic problems, there is still great potential for well designed new products in the healthcare market internationally.

For more information on Flexyfoot and many other products we have designed, see our own 'Projects' section and the Flexyfoot website.

1111111111    28/04/2010

Our New Studio

Last year we decided to design and build a new studio and workshop at Barn House. Over the years, we have designed and developed many architectural products and building components, including the award winning Thrislington toilet cubicles, a ridge venting system for the Willan Group and kitchen sinks for Franke, so we thought we would do it for ourselves. It took around 9 months from the initial plans to completion and we became experts on insulation, timber frame construction, the building regulations and even septic tanks!

It's a great environment to work in and with the 'on-suite' workshop, we can quickly try out ideas without spending too much time or money going down routes that just don't work when you get them in your hands.

If you would like to have a chat about getting new products built, please contact David Goodwin or Nick Hamnett.

Tel. +44(0) 1483 722686
Goodwin Product Design

Goodwin voting aid design featured in Designweek    01/01/2002

Blind and partially sighted people are now able to vote independently with the aid of a detachable, plastic, ballot paper overlay designed recently by Surrey based Goodwin Product Design.

The Selector enables voters to feel a candidate's number, featured as either a raised area or in Braille, once the names and corresponding number have been read out by the returning officer. Voters lift a plastic flap and mark the correct box, in private.

Blind and partially-sighted people took part in a trial which resulted in a 100 per cent success rate.

The reusable template also has a strong black line round the windows so people with tunnel vision, or those who only see in bright conditions, can also vote more easily.

The Royal National Institute for the Blind, which has been campaigning for equal rights for those with sight problems, welcomes the design, which is a major step towards ensuring the fundamental right to a secret ballot for anyone with a sight problem.