Cubicle Systems

Goodwin Product Design, first started working on the design, engineering and development of new product ranges for Thrislington, over 20 years ago, when Thrislington were a small company with limited production facilities, making low to middle market lavatory cubicles and access panels. They asked us to help them develop new products and markets. Now they are one of the UK's market leading companies, with over 50 employees and turnover of several million pounds, selling washroom panel products across the UK, US, Australia and the Far East. Creative product design has been the main driver for this change in the company.

During our early market research, it became clear that there was a major opportunity for them to produce high end lavatory and changing room cubicle systems, and that this was led by architects, interior designers, specifiers and installers who wanted imaginatively designed, high performance products with clear, detailed installation information. Because we felt it was so important to get their products into the original specification for new building projects, as well as developing their new product ranges and introducing them to component manufacturers and suppliers, we put them in touch with a graphic design consultancy, The Partners, who amalgamated our assembly, installation and engineering information into an award winning series of brochures and technical brochures.

As with many building products, it is important that they are not only visually pleasing, but they also work well and if possible simplify on-site assembly and installation, so our revolutionary new framing system designs break with the old overlapping door and panel tradition to give more on site adjustment, making installation quicker, easier and cheaper. Most importantly, our innovative new designs have formed an integral part of their product development strategy, opening up new marketing opportunities for Thrislington, where high quality, high margin products are not just desirable, but an absolute requirement.

The Lotus and Combat ranges won a British Design Council Award, and Thrislington were also outright winners of the Minerva Design Management Award for their commitment to quality in graphic, environmental and industrial design.

"Our collaboration with Goodwin is really a business partnership, in that they are involved in planning long-term objectives as well as seeing through their innovative designs." Patrick Wilson (Managing Director, Thrislington Sales)