Domestic Appliances

Goodwin Product Design have worked as new product and industrial design consultants on several refrigerator and freezer development projects for Sussex based consumer products manufacturer LEC Refrigeration. Working with their research and development team we have helped create new colour ways and graphics, 3D designs for new door handles, drawer fronts, interiors and control panels for fridges and freezers. Much of our design input has been directed to refreshing existing white goods products, giving them a cleaner, softer, more domestic appearance and making the controls clearer and easier to use.

Because of the way these products are manufactured, the insulating foam core of the body shell is the primary structural element, and because of its viscosity and the high pressure developed during curing of the foam resin, it is vital that all the engineering details such as panel seams and junctions seal properly during the manufacturing process, to prevent leakage.

To test how the new designs would work on their production line and what effect they would have on thermal insulation, as part of the development process, we built prototype door handles and internal door panels, to test the components during production.

For all the projects we have completed, we liaised with their toolmakers and moulders in South East England, supplying them with detailed engineering drawings and prototypes, which they then used to make final production tools and components.