Kitchen Utensils

When Bonny needed help with the design, engineering and development to production of a new range of products and accessories for the kitchenware market, they came to us. As a result, we have created two distinctive yet complementary ranges of KUKU kitchen utensils, creating a new consumer brand image for Classic Housewares in the UK and Bonny/Bradshaw in the US.

Both of the innovative, high-quality NYLO and INOX ranges, are stylish and functional to use. The design narrative, which uses soft thermoplastic elastomer inserts in a variety of fashionable colours, to give soft touch, more ergonomic grip and comfort to hard wearing stainless steel products, and the way that all the forms and details of the handles are built up using a carefully limited stylistic vocabulary of ellipses, can be extended to future KUKU consumer products, enabling their unique, fashionable family identity to be carried forward into future designs.

We generated all these new product designs using our own in house model making workshop and specialist model and rapid prototype makers, then working with reliable tooling, moulding and manufacturing companies in China, brought the ranges to final mass production.