Electronic Data Logger enclosures

Gemini, the manufacturer of electronic data loggers came to Goodwin in 2001 because we are a design company with extensive experience engineering and developing injection moulded plastic products for mass production. Their brief was to develop a new custom designed enclosure, with low set up and production costs, for their latest range of products. These required that the battery be user replaceable, it should be capable of being produced with different connectors and that the case should be IP54 splash proof.

Our solution was a basic injection moulded enclosure design that can be adapted by inserting interchangeable cores in to the moulding tool to create different connector configurations, and a splash proof sealing gasket incorporating a tethered, flexible protective cap for the sockets. All the sensors and external connections are already incorporated into the printed circuit board, which simply has to be slotted into the case. This avoids the need for difficult soldering connections inside the case and makes production and assembly much faster.

The whole base unit with PCB and connectors can be easily removed from its protective cover without use of special tools, for quick replacement with a new data collecting unit or to change the battery.

The Tinytag Ultra 2 is still in production today with revised electronics and software in the original case design.

Gemini have since briefed us to design another range of data logging products that could function in severe conditions, submerged in 20 Metres of water and at temperatures of 5-85C. The result is a design whose form and finishes not only reflect the data loggers' high performance and ruggedness, but also conveys an air of sophistication and high quality.

Our design solution uses a series of simple case and connector components in tough engineering plastics, that can be arranged to create bespoke and constantly evolving units as required.

The main body features a 2 shot moulded body with clear polycarbonate window, with the option of an over moulded soft boot for more rugged environments.

The plastic injection moulding tools were manufactured in the Far East and shipped to England for moulding and assembly of the new products, thus giving Gemini maximum flexibility for quick turn round, small batch production runs.