Inspection Lamps

Our new product industrial design engineering work on the Invicta torch system for Primalec had to take into account the demanding user environment in the professional tools market. It's tough body is a rubber over moulded aluminium extrusion, ergonomically it is well balanced and can be turned on and off with only one hand, whilst being held in difficult to reach areas.

As well as the basic inspection lamp, we developed a range of interchangeable torch heads, which means that the standard head can be replaced by one with a flexible neck for inspecting tight spaces and difficult corners, inspection mirrors, illuminated magnifying heads including bore and cavity inspection devices and a variety of sizes of head with different LEDs for standard and UV illumination.

The product range uses a mixture of off the shelf and custom designed and manufactured switches, contacts and PCBs.

During the course of new product engineering development we designed and prototyped the metal components as well as the PCBs and organised for a limited run of prototype overmould castings in flexible materials to simulate the final injection mouldings for customer testing.

For final production, we introduced Primalec to companies who are able to manufacture relatively small quantities of extrusion, machined metal components, and PCBs, also a company who could tool up and mould the over moulded casing at low cost.