Aroma Dispenser POS

The Aroma Co are a small company developing aromas and aroma dispensing devices, they came to Goodwin Product Design and asked us to turn a clever idea into a profitable new product when they realised that using aromas they could make customers identify more with products at point of purchase, and thus boost retail sales.

We designed Poparoma for them, an ingenious, aroma filled mini bellows that can be attached to supermarket shelves to enable customers to smell test products such as fabric conditioners, perfumes and air fresheners. This 'press to test' device has catapulted Aroma Co into a potentially huge market area in Europe and the USA.

The design problem was to devise a way of enabling consumers to receive a sample aroma of a specific brand, using a simple device at the point of sale. Detailed market research with both brand manufacturers and retailers made it clear that the device had to be simple, maintenance free, low cost and take up minimal shelf space.

The ingenious patent protected solution was Poparoma, a blow moulded plastic bellows containing granules impregnated with the scent of the product. A simple press of the bellows delivers a dose of scent to the consumer, no batteries fans or motors to go wrong! The bellows latches onto an injection moulding which can be attached to a shelf front and is easy for store staff to change. The moulding can also carry brand details, advertising and price information.

Poparoma was an instant hit when launched and helped The Aroma Company grow by 300% in just four months. It won substantial orders from brands such as Johnson & Johnson, Elida Faberge, and many others.

Goodwin sourced the low cost tooling and moulding manufacturers in Germany and the UK, saving The Aroma Company several thousand pounds, invaluable in new product development, especially for small and start up companies. Simon Harrop, Managing Director of the Aroma Company, was delighted: "Linking up with Goodwin is one of the most dynamic, transforming things that ever happened to us."

A later development by Goodwin Product Design is Minipop, a scent dispenser designed to be brand specific. Using custom designed low cost vacuum formings and mouldings, echoing the shape and graphics of the product's bottle or carton, Minipop not only delivers the product's aroma but also reinforces and enhances the brand image at point of sale. It is now being used to promote everything from soap powder to alcopops in stores and supermarkets across the USA and Europe.