Electronic Instrumentation

The development and engineering of new products for the yacht and powerboat, marine electronics market has many challenges for the industrial designer, components have to survive and function in a particularly hostile environment, exposed to ultra violet light, extremes of temperature, splashed with and occasional immersed in sea water, hit by flying objects and even dashboard mounted equipment is often trodden on!

Though these products are often only manufactured in relatively small quantities, they need to be tough, well engineered and sophisticated. They also need to look good and be well thought out ergonomically, because they are often being used by individuals who are only leisure sailors, in situations of exhaustion and or high stress. So the operator needs to be able to take in the information being given and adjust settings quickly, easily and accurately.

To meet all these requirements using simple, financially viable tooling and components, needs a good team, creative thinking and good manufacturing contacts.

Because we have these things and a close relationship with your client. In just 20 weeks, we were able to design and develop the whole Network range of modular, sail and powerboat navigation instruments for B+G from concept brief to production tooling and into the retail market. Sales rocketed and production rates had to be doubled after three months. Yachting World hailed it as "well designed and built, extremely well thought out, very pleasing to the eye and fully weather proofed".

During the course of the project, we produced sketch concepts, models, engineering drawings and prototypes for the new designs, oversaw injection molding tooling, component detailing for manufacture and assembly, PCB design and manufacture and software development.