GPS Marine Navigation Equipment

As an electronic product design company, it is always challenging to create ergonomic, user friendly interfaces for complex electronic devices and never more so than in the leisure marine market. Most owners are only using their boat and the equipment on it occasionally and they often have non sailing friends along to help. So it is not acceptable to have to get an impenetrable instruction manual out every time you leave port.

Our design for the Geografix, Vision GPS Positioning Plotter solves these problems by having a board to which the chart is fixed and a puck with 5 simple control buttons, rather than one or two multi function ones, and a built in, clear LCD screen showing instructions and information, whilst still giving a clear view through to the chart. The chart is fixed to the board and 3 points referenced, the GPS electronics are then able to work out where the unit is and to show, the boat, its direction and past course on the chart, progress can also be marked directly onto the chart to give a permanent record in case of an emergency, power loss or just for future records.

Despite its sophistication, the carefully thought out user interface makes it simple enough for even the most technophobic sailors to use. Not only that, it's portable, rechargeable, weather resistant, visible in all lights and even floats!

We handled the total design, from conducting feasibility studies, developing electronics and software to seeing the components through to manufacture. The Vision GPS received instant market recognition, and won the German Design Zentrum Red Dot Award for innovation in form and function.