Ballot Boxes

In another successful product design project undertaken for Pakflatt, we developed a rigid, stackable, ballot box with a two-part lid that fits inside for storage. It is available in clear moulded plastic for countries that require ballot boxes to be seen to be empty before voting commences.

The boxes also needed to be lockable to secure the ballots in transit to the counting station and be able to take identification tags so they can be traced back to a particular polling station in case of any irregularities.

Because the requirement was for 2 sizes of box and the moldings are both large and in some cases clear, we opted for a design which made use of an insert in the tool, keeping the more complex top area on both components identical, so all the lid components remain the same and having 2 different height lower sections with the join disguised by a steped styling detail, thus keeping overall tooling costs as low as possible.

For both products we built prototypes, produced sketch visuals and helped Pakflatt find suitable blow molding and injection molding companies to produce all the components, organised tooling and manufacture, and supplied the toolmakers with all the drawings and assembly information they required.

Goodwin Product Design have worked in partnership with Opt/Pakflatt for over 16 years, designing plastic products and collapsible booths used in voting worldwide.

Their brief to us was to create concepts and develop designs for an improved traditional ballot box. The problems with existing steel boxes were obvious: heavy, sharp edged and difficult to carry, they also spend the bulk of their time taking up space in storage. The obvious solution of a collapsible box raised its own problems. Fold-down rigid panels would not be secure, as they would involve joints and gaps through which ballot papers could slip out or be pushed in.

We decided to design a blow molded plastic box, which can be compressed for storage but still gives high capacity when needed. Easy to transport and cost effective, the one piece box is also tamper proof. It even floats, a major advantage in countries where they are carried to remote areas by boat.