Shower Toilet Accessories

Giving people with disabilities back their dignity was the key objective when we began working on new designs for the Palma toilet accessories for Clos-O-Mat. People who previously needed a helper in the bathroom can now use the toilet without assistance. The system washes and dries the user and the patented support arms help transfer from wheelchair to WC and provide support for individuals with a very wide range of disabilities.

Not only have we designed soft toilet seats in child and adult sizes and the basic support arms to fit to the structural installation frame, but in conjunction with Clos-O-Mat's in house marketing and manufacturing departments we have developed a whole range of additional support devices for both children and adults with a wide variety of needs.

We have done this using a mixture of 2D and 3D CAD simulation, ergonomic research, sketch design, rapid prototyping and modelling, in order to develop working prototypes for field testing, before producing detailed 3D CAD information for final manufacture of components, some in very small numbers for individuals with very specific needs.

The new designs for the toilet and its accessories now address a whole variety of markets from domestic to institutional, whilst maintaining a user friendly, more domestic aesthetic than most personal care products.