Disposable Baby Bottle Design

Because of our extensive experience in the design and development of injection moulded healthcare products, Steribottle the pioneers of disposable baby feeding bottles, briefed us to redesign their products and make them easier to package.

Our new product design allows 10 to be packed into a space previously occupied by four and reduces the material content of the components. This not only lowers, material, storage, transport and retail cost, but also makes it easier for parents to travel with a number of sterile baby feeding bottles.

As well as addressing stacking we also had to design the components so they can be easily recycled, moulded and packaged in sterile conditions, and so they were easy to tool for cost efficient mass production, to make this possible, we designed a simple push fit, self locking, non leak seal to keep the cap with it's anti colic valve, on the bottle even if it is dropped. All using the minimum of 100% recyclable plastic materials in the bottle, teat and cap.

We provided Steribottle with a series of photo realistic CAD renderings to show a range of new bottle designs, styling and ergonomic alternatives, then using machined and rapid prototype components, developed a working prototype of the design.

We liaised with and supplied SolidWorks 3D CAD information to potential toolmakers and manufacturers in the UK, Malaysia and the USA before Steribottle finally selected a manufacturer in the USA.

After an investment of 3M in design and tooling, the Mark 3 Steribottle product design is now produced and packaged at a purpose built clean room facility in the USA and is distributed worldwide.