Mobility Aid

As one of the UK,s well established product design companies, we decided a couple of years ago, to use our design and production engineering skills to take an idea of our own right through into mass production.

Realising there was a need for improved walking aids of all types, we started developing a flexible, safe and comfortable alternative to the humble walking stick ferrule, and so Flexyfoot was born.

The product aims to transform the walking aid sector by offering real solutions to the real problems faced by those who need, or prefer, to have, more stability. The product not only looks good and works well, but also has proven medical and therapeutic benefits.

The Flexyfoot ferrule is the result of 3 years intensive research, design and development and has been tested to the latest ISO standard for endurance and slip resistance.

Flexyfoot provides improved grip and stability, particularly on slippery and uneven surfaces. The flexible bellows mean a walking aid will work at any angle while the foot is always in full contact with the floor.

The patented design works like a suspension system. The flexible bellows absorb shock each time the aid touches the ground so every step is completely cushioned. Also the tread of the ferrule can independently rotate through 360, so full ground contact is still maintained when twisting and turning.

Over the last 3 years we have not only carried out all the product design and engineering to get our product manufactured, we have also developed a new brand image through the design of exhibition stands, technical literature, packaging and a new website.

Because we knew that the product would require a lot of testing and development, we decided to use an injection moulding, tooling and production company in Sussex, very close to our studio in Surrey. We have worked with them many times over the years and as expected, they have responded magnificently to making minor modifications to components and materials during development, this is a major benefit of local suppliers who you can get to quickly and speak to face to face, over what sometimes seem cheaper alternatives in the Far East.