In Store Display Case Design

We have worked on many new product design and development projects for Parker, including injection moulded pen cases, point-of-sale material and in store illuminated floor cases. Most recently, we were instrumental in the re branding and relaunch of the Parker Pen brand internationally.

In 1994 Parker's marketing managers wanted a radical rethink of their merchandising floor cases, as an aid to getting their product and brand more prominently into new and existing retail outlets.

To do this we worked closely with them researching the market and interviewing potential key customers. From this research, the final brief evolved for a system that had obvious benefits not just for the final purchaser of the pens but also for the retailer and their staff. The units had to display the high value pens in a visually sophisticated environment, enhance the pen's upmarket image and improve ease of display and stock control.

Goodwin's answer was to develop a range of visually strong and technically innovative display units with a patented display tile concept to differentiate between Parker's brands. Each unit allows easy access to the pens yet gives the retailer ample storage space. The new lighting design enables customers to see the pens literally in a better light and appreciate the quality of their various finishes.

The high quality in store display cabinet system gives flexibility of layout and design, so that Parker or the retailer can create bespoke designs for each retail outlet.

As well as producing all the new product designs, we worked with Parker to identify a manufacturer in the UK for the cabinets and because the new lighting concept required shaped, mirrored reflectors and carefully angled fixings we decided it would be an advantage, both in giving the cabinets a higher quality and making them more difficult for competitors to imitate if we used tooled, aluminium frames as part of the construction, we found a UK supplier of relatively small quantity, low cost aluminium castings and worked closely with them to develop and supply components to Parker.

The range was so successful that we have since worked with Parker to set up a manufacturing and supply source in Turkey, providing product for the rest of Europe.