Balustrades + Handrails

As product design and development consultants with extensive experience working in the building components industry. Kee Klamps came to us with a brief to design and engineer a new concept, suitable for mass production, that would help them enter the balustrade and handrail market with a mid range product that fitted their philosophy of easy on site installation. The most difficult part of the brief was engineering a new product that could cope with the complex and variable geometry at each stairway landing.

After researching the needs of architects and installers, we devised a patented method of making adjustable aluminium handrail joints so the fitter, using a 'special tool' can cut and join the handrail on site adding posts, infill rails and panels, whilst still maintaining the flush, engineered appearance of more expensive systems that require, detailed site surveys and off site manufacture which canít easily be adjusted during installation.

As well as generating and developing all the new product designs, we built prototypes and assembly machines to demonstrate concept feasibility and supplied all the production engineering drawings for extrusions, die castings and final manufacture.