Roof Ventilation

As a product design company with extensive experience in product innovation for the building industry, the Willan Group came to us for help with the design and engineering of a new ridge vent system for Glidevale. Their brief to us was to research the market and develop new concepts for the range.

Our market research showed that as well as providing the required air flow and being reliable and easy to install, ideally the vent should not interfere with the visual line of the ridge. The vent we designed provides the architect with an unobtrusive solution to high level ventilation of roof spaces and for connecting extraction systems. It is designed to be installed within the ridge line and blend with adjacent ridge tiles. The system consists of a base moulding and moulded cover or that can be replaced by a standard ridge tile that can be used to match the roof tiles perfectly.

The new vent design has proved very commercialy successful, it has been patented by the Willan Group and is now supplied to many tile companies as a standard solution for ridge ventilation and extraction systems.

As well as designing, developing and engineering the product concept, we also researched the plastic materials used for fire safety and UV resistance, and detailed all the components for manufacture.