Flat Roof Venting

Because of our knowledge of the building components industry, Euroroof came to us to help them develop a new product range that could solve the problem of how to prevent moisture being trapped under the sealed, waterproof membrane on flat roofs. After analysing the problem and examining other products on the market, we came up with the inventive solution of building in a honeycomb pattern of venting channels on the underside of the foam insulation panels that Euroroof manufactured and venting this to the atmosphere in a controlled way.

The hexagonal grid venting channel pattern moulded into the foamed insulation slabs allow venting chimneys to be easily installed, by cutting a round hole of a diameter that is guaranteed to hit a vent channel anywhere on the panel, whilst maintaining the maximum bonding surface area for fixing the foam to the roof, this system has now been patented by Euroroof.

As well as creating the new venting concept, we also helped the client to build and test prototypes, and introduced them to tooling and moulding companies who could manufacture the moulded components for the vents and we supplied all the engineering drawings for tooling and mass production.