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What We Do

We know that developing successful products needs a strong relationship between like minded clients and designers. So we like to talk directly to our clients in detail and to ensure that this happens, we offer up to a days free consultancy so you can meet the team, both parties can get to know each other and you can asses our contribution before making any commitment.

The videos show, as product design consultants, we don't just style products, we analyse the problems so we can create solutions with added benefits to both manufacturer and user.

Our 25 year track record demonstrates that we come up with innovative and profitable solutions, whether it’s for something totally new or improvements to an existing product. We bring fresh thinking, that comes from working in a wide range of industry sectors, having a highly detailed knowledge of different materials, technologies and manufacturing processes, means that we can cross fertilise ideas and technologies, leading to new opportunities for our clients.

Based near Woking, Surrey, we are only 5 minutes from the M25, 20 minutes by train to London and only 30 minutes by car to either Heathrow or Gatwick.

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How We Can Help

Washroom cubicle system for Thrislington

Injection moulded gift box for Parker Pen

Moulded data logger enclosure for Gemini

Our long relationship with Thrislington, spanning over 10 product ranges, proves that good design can invigorate manufacturing industry. Thrislington began as a three-man operation constructing low-cost toilet cubicles. Today, it is the UK market leader, with a turnover of more than £4 million, selling high-quality products across the world. Design has been at the heart of this amazing transformation.

Our market research showed there was a large market for up market cubicle systems and that this was driven by architects and specifiers who wanted quality products and clear, detailed technical information. So as well as designing their new product ranges, we put them in touch with a dynamic graphic design consultancy, The Partners, who used our assembly and installation information in an award winning series of brochures and technical leaflets.

In 1986, the Goodwin-designed Lotus and Combat ranges won a British design Council Award. Thrislington were also outright winners of the 1994 Minerva Design Management Award for their commitment to quality in graphic, environmental and industrial design.


This patented, award winning product design was produced back in 1998.

The Frontier moulded gift box was an instant success. Its co-ordinated gift box, clamshell hang sell and countertop display won a Marketing Design Gold Award and led to a significant increase in sales. The attractive yet functional pen case has proved very popular indeed – when market research was recently undertaken, focus groups still found the original moulded gift box the most desirable at its price point.

Produced in quantities of about 16 million per year and, as effectively a give away item, it had to cost no more than 4p each to manufacture.

Having already designed a range of shop in shop display cabinets and cases, we have gone on to design structural packaging, presentation cases and in store, point of sale display units for Parker and have also worked with them to set up a manufacturing and supply source for the display cabinets in Turkey, providing product for the rest of Europe.


The brief Gemini gave us in 2001 was to create a new custom designed enclosure with low tooling and manufacturing costs for a range of core products, called Tiny Tag Lite, which needed the battery to be user replaceable.

We designed a basic injection moulded case that can be adapted by inserting the moulding tool with interchangeable cores to create different connector configurations, this allows them to create a series of loggers with different functions at relatively low cost, it also gives them the flexibility to produce these different components quickly in small batches.

We introduced them to a UK company who produced all the tooling and components from our production drawings.

It is still in production today with revised electronics and software in the original case design.

After the successful launch of Tiny Tag Lite, we went on to design another range of loggers for Gemini.


Who We Are

We are a small, focussed, low overhead team led by David Goodwin and Nick Hamnett, both graduates from the Royal College of Art who have together created 100's of successful designs. We do not employ an army of account handlers or junior designers: we like to talk directly to our clients.

When specialist help is required such as patent searches and analysis, product testing and approvals or specialised areas of electronic, mechanical or production engineering, we have built up a network of like minded people who understand the commercial pressures of taking a concept through all the development stages and into production, so our team can easily expand and contract to always be optimised and thus deliver the project in the most efficient and cost efficient way.

Because we believe in and enjoy getting “hands on” as quickly as possible, our studio includes a workshop where we can test concepts and get a feeling for the size and ergonomics of ideas, thus reducing risk and cost by finding the most promising routes and rejecting those that don't work, very early in the development phase.